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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Back in Black

Medea wanders into the wilderness,
driven mad by betrayal and the ghostly
cries of her dead children.

Sangre Noir has taken her literary turn
of inspiration up a notch. The entire
Sangre Noir line is part of an ongoing
narrative, a tale of the ages and of
agelessness illustrated with Noirran's
vivid style and attention to detail.

Medea is a classic in more than just
the literary sense; rich fabric in a simple
design, complicated as the woman it

Gracefully feminine, romantically tragic.

Cameo choker and chained belt included.

Less Literary more Pulp Fiction, Nomine's
Grindhouse jeans and full flowing black
sweater is more suited for wandering dark
alleys and smokey bars in search of
something a little thrilling and unexpected.

The Division sweater has amazing movement
to it, and could I feel the virtual winter in SL,
I'm pretty sure this would keep the icy bite
off my poor chapped skin. ('specially if I insist
on wearing lace in freezing weather.)

The Grindhouse Dethpants are sturdy and
worn, snuggly fitted. Sweater is one of the
prizes in Munch's gatcha. Jeans came out of
her very generous lucky chairs.

I actually picked up the Lady Crow dress by
Glam Affair at one of the .44 Calibre events --
the gown itself is gorgeous but the corset and
lace shirt has gotten a lot more wear from me
than the dress has. It goes with damn near
everything (multiple layers tend to do that)
but it's both a classic and classy look with any
skirt you want to wear wit it, and still makes
a statement if you wear it with jeans.


Not to go unmentioned is this amazing hair
from Discord designs in a full pack, with
matching skull tattoo layer for the turtle
shell effect of dreads.

Glasses are a subscriber gift from wonderful
Alice at Peppermint Blue.

Nose chain is a custom design from Rosie
Barthelmess at Sable Rose.

Skin is Djinn & Tonic Pale, Noirran - Red.

Eyes are Nomine Stained Contacts - anime

Scar from [<]kOwP[>] Face Tats

Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday Garb Finds

Because obviously my inventory isn't already bursting at the seams...Tip off came from the fashion free birdies that O-Glam Modeling Agency might be having a little hunt for those visiting the sim and while I've no interest in actually modeling, the agency hosted shops are always a great place to pick up ideas as well as gifts. Plus, SF Design is there and I kind of adore Swaffette all the time.

Now this gown from Made In Europe is not something I can see ever wearing outside a photo shoot, but it is awfully fine and fine and it goes perfectly (though you can't see them) with my favoritist ever fancy Rita sandals from Dona Flora. I should warn you, that you almost need a 512 plot to wear this dress, the train is that long, but it's awfully reminiscent of The King and I, and who doesn't want to think of Yul Brynner at least once a day?


Also happy making are these group gifts from Gabriel. The brown silk long sleeve tee is the group gift and the fuzzy scarf and gloves are a special buy for a whopping $1L.

The Bronzed cross and medals are not free but so so fun and fancy - jangly and yes, shiny.

The Slacks are alos from the mini hunt at O-Glam, although they are part of the men's gift at Chantkare, but they are awfully nice and sleek.


Skin: Djinn& Tonic MUA - Noirran Fair
Hair: MADesigns - Bon Corvette
Eyes: Nomine - Anime Cell Green

Monday, October 25, 2010

Season for Sangre Noir

What am I saying? Sangre Noir is always in season. Nothing clever to say, just lots of shiny, shiny from Noirran's brain to my clutching little hands.

Left: Sangre Noir 10 Noir - Gothic Ballgown
MUA skin
Noirran Fair
Lelutka Rush hair

sim: Embryo

Right: Sangre Noir Dia de los Muertos skirt and headdress from Horrofest .
Jacket by ezura (Voodoo hunt)

sim: Beguile

Friday, July 23, 2010

Night & Day - surviving between dusk and dawn

I'm not schizophrenic, I just bore easily.

I also grow unnaturally attached to certain looks and places, in SL as well as RL. In SL there used to be a sim called Inflict - the realm of skin and tattoo artist Lexington Jie. Most of his tattoo work is still available on xstreet, but his skins, and the remarkable sim that was either inspiration or brilliant consequence, is gone. It was post apocalyptic, but a quiet After the End, even though fires still burned, and the libraries and temples stood empty. It was soothingly beautiful in its desolation.

One of the last full-body tattoos he made was this one: "You Asked For Love". It's intricate and lovely, as haunting as his sim. I've bought it a couple of times for a couple of different av's and a couple times for friends. If I could lay it out on a piece of muslin, I'd hang it on my wall.

The underpainting of red is a scar tattoo, which I'd forgotten I had on until I took this picture. It seemed appropriate. I originally got the scar tattoos for an RP I was interested in that has largely been frustrating for my lack of time to play there. But even as I changed up my look from hard-bitten, battle-scarred, mercenary to pixie-cute blonde, I kept the the facial scar. The recent RFL relay kind of made it make sense to me. (Thank you, Noirran).

My cancer scars aren't visible -- not in the truest sense. I have physical scars but they aren't something you can see day to day as I go about my business. They don't bother me, those physical signs of damage done that only more damage could excise. The real scars aren't as visible to the naked eye, and the real scars aren't ones people who didn't know me before cancer ravaged me and my family, the new people I've met, would recognize as scars. I've spent the last few months coming to grips with the anger I have about it all.

I'm not, by nature, an angry person. It requires so much energy that I've never had much use for it. What anger I do have about anything is a slow constant burn, low key and nearly as invisible as my physical scars.

I came into SL shortly after my diagnosis. While I was recuperating actually. The cancer itself had so little impact on me physically when you weigh it out, but mentally, emotionally, I distanced myself from my body. I still am in some ways, although it's primarily in my virtual life rather than my real one. My real life pretty much demands I be present and accounted for when I'm there.

One of the reasons (although not the primary one) I spend most of my time on my primary Av is because by design, that Av is entirely unassociated with the cancer in my life. It's the undamaged part of me, the stornger me, the not angry me. I've been blessed in SL by people who may not get all the reasons why I split myself the way I do, but accept it as part of me, of who I am and how they know me, how they experience me. Would that my RL had such generous and accepting souls.

I've changed my look a good deal. You can blame Djinn & Tonic, Sable Rose, Sangre Noir, MADesigns, Oddment and Nomine. And Lexington Jie of Inflict. They are my muses.

But I'm keeping the facial scar.

Soundtrack: I was born in the arms of imaginary friends. Half of My Heart - John Mayer
Hair: MADesigns: Army crop in Red, Bon in Blonde
Skin: Djinn & Tonic MUA Noirran
Hair: MADesigns Bon corvette
Eyes: Nomine Stained Contacts - anime green
Tatt: iNfLiCt - You Asked For Love
Scars: [ < ] kOwP [ > ] Face Tats - *Scarface 1* , BS - Battlescars
Top Left: L&G black studded leather bra and pants
Middle Left: Sangre Noir 22 & Fetish Dress (Remix)
Middle Right: Dress, Shoes, Jewelry: Irresistable UG 05
Bottom Left: Dress, Shoes, Jewelry: Irresistable Life - Peace II
Bottom Right: salt. wonderland- alice's dress, boots , Crochet Shrug, Hat: Hatpins -Lady Kate Hat - Olivina, Sable Rose - Boho Birdie Ladies necklace and earrings, *TickyTacky* Boho bracelets

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Back up to the previous exit. I missed January

So, this is what happens when you take days to compose a blog entry through multiple drafts and then forget to hit the "publish post". Ergo, I have no idea what of this is still available at the prices given but I like the looks, so there.

A lot of people did really nice things for Haiti relief so, looks I liked that went to add my little bit as much as I could. Maitreya did a pre-release of the Sasha hair in black and blonde for Haiti relief at a mere $50L. I really liked the look of this hair, kind of feathery and whisped, exactly as it would be on a blustery cold day that might require a knit cap. I don't normally wear blonde hair but I got both anyway because the need was great and the the look is worthwhile.

Then, of course, I had to go find places that had things to go with it and Dona Flora also had a Haiti Relief kiosk up so I didn't hesitate to toss Lindens AND pick up the Cat Eye Glamour glasses she had there.

And as you can see, Merlin TOTALLY APPROVES OF THIS LOOK. Really, he's the best fashion advisor ever, even if I do suspect certain of my favorite people of bribing him shamelessly with treats.

The scarf here was a $5L offering from Zeery, who is kind of like Zaara only a lot less expensive and with few choices but the scarves and accessories she does have are really pretty and easy to tweak as needed.

And cause you kind of need to coordinate this, I dug into my scary inventory and found the purchases I'd made however long again at Subtle Submission and found the perfect matching top to go with Zeery's scarf.

DE Designs had put out his Belle corset set for an intro of $250L, multiple wear options -- possibly the best buy of the season even if I'd bought it at full price and it's so pretty and well, feminine, that it was the perfect excuse to wear: Ta DA! Dona Flora's jeweled shoes from the SAH hunt -- cause man, how many places can you actually wear shoes like this without looking like a wannabe fashionista? (Really, I saw two av's wearing these shoes with badly made shorts and I wanted to slap someone with a virtual fish.)

I still can't believe I forgot to hit post when this made sense. Hits herself with a virtual fish.

Teal Cami ~ Subtle Submission
Scarf - Zeery ($5L)
Pants ~ DE Designs Belle ($250L for multipl option set)
Shoes ~ Rita from Dona Flora (Free in SA hunt)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sangre Noir

Since the three people who read this already think Noirran Marx is fabulous, ignore us while I gush Add Imageover her newest. She's already expanded the Sangre Noir line past the gowns and dresses into more casual clothes and I'm seriously happy about that since I loved her casual work at Subtle Submission too. I tend to wear slacks more than dresses anyway and so when Noirran put up her new suit with pants and a fun flouncy coat...guh.

Layers. Noirran gets layers, especially for women...which means I can mix and match and play and if she never made another thing I'd have hundreds of combinations to work with already.

The suit first: black subtle brocade with nice edges, and silver laced bindings. Jacket top can be worn with or without the lower coat, giving it a more vest-like look (except not) or with the lower coat which gives that kind of kicky nearly formal flair that the George Sands would have adored.

It comes with a velvet and lace top, or without lace, because there are two sets of cuffs, and full layered collar with wee throat embellishment. I didn't quite get around to trying the shirt itself with other outfits... but I will.

It also comes with this very fun tophat, complete with beaded net veil, the kind of vintage elegance you rarely see any longer.

So, playing with it prompted me diving back into the Sangre noir folder and coming up with two of my favorite tops: the red crop from the Twisted hunt and the Pumpkin top from another hunt Noirran particapted in...GLEE!! the pumpkin especially worked with the chunky wood set Rosie made me and with the very nice cool gifts coming across from Le Look -- Bax Boots and a Maitreya slouchy hat and hair set that I kind of love.

There's no bad here at all. I ran through a ton of poses to get these shots and all the seams held up. The broacade is subtle but noticeable -- makes you wish you could touch it.

Gonna get a lot of wear out of this, for damn sure.

Everything I'm wearing:

Sangre Noir sets:
Velvet Suit Noir
#9 top in Pumpkin no undershirt
Boutonniere (men's Twisted)
Twisted hat for men (hah!)
Twisted Hunt Dress Top red

Maitreya : LE.LOOK! la femme - Hair/ Hat - Coffee
[Shag] - Caught (F) - chestnut (DTCH)

Custome nose chain - Sable Rose
[+] Celtic Cross Knotted Hemp Choker w/ Pewter & Glass Beads (Appetite & Eve)
Jae Chunky wood set: necklace, bangles, earrings - Sable Rose

Boots: BAX Coen: LE.LOOK! la femme - Boots

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Down the Chimney Hunt

#01 Kunstkammer
#02 Young Urban
#03 =HooT=
#05 Miseria
#06 alaMood Boutique
#07 Second Spaces - wonderful window seat for anywhere, a little cramped for long-legged neko boys but comfortable and mood setting, good for a read or just thinking. Multi-part so rez in edit.
#08 Mix and Match - Pretty Hobo set
#09 Duh! - Snow Boots
#10 NachtMusik -
#11 Bliensen & MaiTai
#12 Doppelganger
#13 This is a Fawn Mainstore
#14 Balaclava
#15 Turnip's Homes & Stuff
#16 Reek
#17 Hourglass Shapes
#18 not out yet
#19 Ticky Tacky
#20 artilleri
#21 Pulling Strings
#22 Sand Shack Surf Co.
#23 Fishy Strawberry
#24 Shade Throne
#25 Ducknipple
#26 The Sea Hole
#27 Meu! and Ska Shack
#28 Republica
#29 Delirium
#30 Boom
#31 Atomic Owl
#32 missing
#33 Stringer Mausoleum
#35 i love 13
#36 D-Lab
#37 mocorin
#38 Cyanide
#39 Touche#1, Touche#2
#40 Sari's
#41 Narwhal
#43 Otaku Designs
#45 Blue Blood
#47 Sisters
#48 Acid & Mala
#49 Eleutheria
#50 Lazy Places
#51 Paper Street Soap Co.
#52 LAP
#53 Julia Collection
#54 couverture
#55 missing
#56 Modd*g
#57 Agent Orange
#58 Scribble
#59 Malcontent
#60 Ozimals
#61 Tacky Star
#62 Violent Seduction
#63 .44 Caliber
#64 missing
#65 Bryce
#66 Brazen Women - Rosie the Riveter Avatar: Skin, Shape, Hair, clothes & shoes, Lunchbox and pose. Classic Great War iconography to celebrate the entrance of women into the traditionally male workplace of manufacturing. Kitten not included.

#67 Mia Snow - Ripped jeans brown & black. Two pairs of well distressed jeans to go with any slouchy, casual look. #68 RunoRuno - Asymetrical Bulky Sweater in brown with full soft looking attachments pretty much everywhere, a loose weave look that Merlin kept getting his claws caught in it.

#69 Kumaki - Atmosphere sunglasses

#70 Pig Shop -Anarchist Slumber party (m/f options) Burgundy full length lounger and a loose grey softly worn t-shirt. (Pikichu slippers not included)
#71 So Many Styles
#72 Split Pea
#73 Epoque
#74 DooDads
#75 Kyoot
#76 Petunia
#77 A:S:S - Momentum Scarf pack, spilled wine and records
#78 Rose River Saloon - BoHo Fringe boots with prim toes
#79 DownDownDown -
#80 Shag Hair - Caught styles for men & women
#81 Atui
#82 Mr. Tentacle
#83 Molto Bene - Painter Skybox. Two levels with muted multitone paint texure on the walls. Built in window seat and skylight, comes with the option of either a lader fo e the loft area or sculpted stairs. Very livable, and easily adaptable to most styles be they modern, classic, or retro.
#84 Demise
#85 Sugarcube
#86 Sick With Lust
#87 Lark
#88 Sock Shop
#89 Slash Me Poses
#90 Frippery
#91 Mischief
#92 Sangre Noir - DTCH dress in black lace & velvet, full sleeves and top hat. (I'm actually wearing it here with the Green shroud top...but it kind of looks fantastic. )
#93 Deco*licious
#94 ~BOUNCE~ Winter Faery Skin & Shape. Pale ice blue skin with an impish face, and pleasing shape to thaw eventhe frostiest hearts.
#95 Wink*L
#96 Vanitas Vesture
#97 Tyranny Designs
#98 chanimations
#99 Tryst